Paradisoterrestre was Gavina’s last major enterprise, conceived in the late Seventies and inaugurated in 1983. The brand is initially specialized in the creation of outdoor objects and urban furniture. The wealth of knowledge, experience and frequentation, consolidated over the previous years, is poured into Paradisoterrestre. The house, in its components, the artificial one of the building and the natural one of the garden, is the space of life. Gavina’s will is to transform it into that small, personal, intimate corner of Heaven on earth. An Eden lost and rediscovered thanks to the beauty of things, where functionality of the objects proposed in the catalogue matches the contemplation of forms.

Paradisoterrestre universe, made up of solid and synergetic relationships based on friendship and esteem, has been and continues to be a hotbed of culture in which some of the most famous pieces of Italian design are conceived. Since 2017 cultural and material heritage merges with innovation: the original project is realized not only through the re-edition of historical pieces designed by great masters, but also by encouraging and promoting the production of new collections in collaboration with big names on the contemporary scene.

Kim Schoefs is the representative for Paradisoterrestre Belgium.